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captain skippy's pirate hour

making an idiot of myself for the amusement of others

The Weirdly Misanthropic Pop-Culture Maven
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...is 25, acts 12
...has crooked glasses
...is a caffeine addict
...worships Victor Hugo
...likes plushies and shiny things
...hates angst
...never answers the phone
...can draw (somewhat)
...can't knit
...likes webcomics and animation
...laughs at fangirls
...is a fangirl
...has two bachelor's degrees and a job that lets her wear jeans and listen to Doctor Who all day
...also has a husband every bit as dorky as she is, and a daughter whose cuteness probably breaks some law of nature

Mademoiselle Padfoot
(Proudly Corrupting the Magical Youth
Resident Sex God of Gryffindor Tower)
Proud Member of Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs: Post-Collegiate Hell-Raisers Extraordinaire
Mucking About With Gender, Canon, and Moral Decency since 2002!

The Gryffindors will kill themselves off with acts of stupid bravado, the Slytherins will all stab each other in the back, and the Ravenclaws will be hiding in the library.
Who's the duffer now, bitch?

recipe for a Jen:
1 part Boo, 1/2 part Stitch, 2 parts Randal from Clerks, 1 part Jean Valjean, 1 part Sirius Black, and dashes of Arwen, Radical Edward, and Vash the Stampede. Combine above ingredients, pour into body. Add various people-in-head and alter-egos, and copious amounts of caffiene. Makes 1 serving.

Kickass Dalek Mood Theme courtesy of
via chairman_wow

all icons are made by me, unless otherwise noted.
abarat, alan rickman, animation, anime, ankh-morpork, art, bagels, bright shiny objects, cheese, chemical explosions, chinese takeout, christopher chant, christopher eccleston's beard, classic rock, contortionist monkey boys, cookies, cowboy bebop, cuddling, cultcake, daleks, david tennant, david wenham, diana wynne jones, doctor who, doctor/tardis otp, doom and nachos, england, erasers, expensive art supplies, fanart, fishsticks, food, freaky book of answers, frisbee skirts, frodo coats, gallifrey, getting lost in bookstores, gir, great teacher onizuka, harry potter, heroes, hiding from authorities, hockey games with fighting, hot chocolate, hot glue, illustration, impromptu art galleries, jack sparrow, jay and silent bob, kick-the-hobbit, kodamas, l.g.m.s, lead pipes of doom, lemony snicket, les miserables, lilo and stitch, lucky underwear, lumberjacks, lupin's cardigan, luxury dorms, magnetic poetry, marauders, martha jones, massive book collections, massive gel pen collections, miniature paper clips, miyazaki, mwpp, my own david bowie, nac mac feegle, nicholas d. wolfwood, nymphadora tonks, ouran highschool host club, personal vendettas, philly cheesesteaks, pink floyd, pirates, pocky, post-it notes, rangers (the tolkien kind), remus j. lupin, remus/tonks, rivendell, sam vimes, scanners, scented shampoo, scruffy badass ranger mojo, silly walks, sinister ducks, sirius black, sketchbooks, slash goggles, spike spiegel, sugar, tardis, terry pratchett, that's not a codpiece!, the blinovitch limitation effect, the buddy christ, the doctor, the doom song, the force, the man in black, the tick, trigun, vash the stampede, victor hugo, viggo mortensen, webcomics, widgets, wizard howl, xavier university, yoko kanno's music, your mom


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